Women safety has become the most important issue since the Delhi gang rape which has led to this serious chain reaction of rapes all over the country starting from that of a 4 year old to 40. Have people become emotionless towards these gruesome acts or the responsibility of an individual just ends at showing sympathy to those victims? Arent we literate enough to voice against someone when something is not going right? This lack of gut encourages the culprit to do something he feels nobody would interfere in. This wrong belief should be obliterated from his mind. You should rise against anything going wrong. Imagine your younger sibling facing the same situation, wouldnt you beat the hell out of him?

Each and every woman needs to be protected irrespective of the circumstances. A rape victim hardly finds any justice for her loss. It’s not only her loss, its our loss too. In the end, this is what we will be known as : ‘The country for rape’. Especially, in the regions of Noida, Gurgaon,Delhi which is considered as the Bermuda traingle for rape victims, justice is highly impossible. These were the words of a public speaker, which l heard. A few public polls were held wherein the reason for rape was asked to many men.


Almost all of them answered saying its because of the clothes which women wear, if she had not exposed herself out in public nobody would have dared to do that dreadful act. A Tehelka sting operation filmed a Delhi police  when asked the same. He said, ‘uske kapde chotte the to aakarshan paida hua hoga, to  hogaya rape uska’. A police answering this miserably puts out a point that if the police has such intentions then how can he bestow upon himself the responsibility of protecting the masses, especially women? Further more, the word ‘aakarshan’ is put into question… “Aakarshan” is attraction. Attraction leads to romance. When  Shahrukh Khan gets attracted to Kajol he sings a song to impress her or goes to rape her? 
Attraction leads to romance; Desperation leads to rape. If somebody is that desperate, write a sequel to 50 Shades of Grey. Why rape? Are people that photosenstive to get aroused?
People also blame the Western culture for the short clothes of women. The same western culture that brought about the invention of light, because of which women can travel late night. That same culture, which has presented to us different birth control pills. Not being biased with the culture,  it’s the intentions of the principled and the unprincipled guy which comes into picture. Even innocent guys look at girls wearing  short skirts, but the intention never gets worse. The girl remains just as a part of the dream. So in the growing population, if the educated ones can remain imperturbable, then sexual attraction does not lead to sexual violence. 

The better solution is to educate people on the control of one’s own self and mind rather than letting it wander for fornication. The young growing guns should take up the responsibility of safeguarding the other sex. People should raise a voice against the one before the situation  leads to adverse effects. People need to start believing their inner superman and play smart in fighting against the odds if the situation is difficult to handle.  We should educate people, making them understand the contribution of women towards the society. At the same time,  women should also be strong enough to defend themselves from such unexpected situations. This can be done by setting up academies of self defence which can be made free for women. We are the growing and trustworthy minds of future India wherein equal opportunity should be given and everyone should be dauntless, especially the female sex.


Thanks to Modi’s advice “Ask your son next time where he is going and when he will be back. Its not only the girls who are to be questioned.” Many inspirational movies like Mary Kom,Mardaani which galvanises the woman power. Remarkable directors like Anurag Kashyap who picturised a documentary named ‘THE DAY AFTER EVERYDAY’ showed the real power of woman.I would really like to appreciate the person whom I heard delivering the speech on rape and the reasons for rape. I salute him for the examples he put forward; making me take a step towards Women Empowerment and Protection.


5 thoughts on “DO RESPECT , NOT RAPE

  1. Wearing short.clothes doesnt mean.of any attraction it tends how the person’s mind and how desperate is he. ONe should respect women; we all are born to a mother.
    Well writtn kp.

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  2. Very awesome KP. Today’s generation need to realize that we should respect women and treat her in a well behaved manner.


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